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5 Budget Decorating Tips You Should Know

Whether you are preparing your home for the next season, in a midst of a makeover, or having guests over, we have 5 budget-friendly, hassle-free decorating ideas just for you to jazz up your house. Decorating a house might break the bank, but if you have these helpful tips in your pockets, you won't!


Plants are a good place to start with. Indoor plants have been long proven to enhance concentration and memory, reduce stress level, elevate mood and happiness, as well as improving health. In fact, NASA has revealed a research that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxin in 24 hours. Whichever room in your house you want to do up, there are some types of plants for you, from low to high maintenance, tiny to big size, flower to cactus. Fit Fiddle Leaf Fig in your living room corner, hang Asparagus Fern above your dining table, or green up your bathroom with one of NASA’s top air purifying plants - English Ivy.

Candle Holders

Instead of vases and figurines, try candle holders. They serve more purposes than you’ve ever thought. They hold candles (duh); they are exquisite and easy to clean; they make a room feels cozy; and hey, place a scented candle and you’ll be swimming in a flower field before you know! Our favorite is color mosaic candle holders because they allow candle light to shine through and create a relaxed ambiance to any setting.

Picture Frames

Pare up a boring wall with picture frames. You don't need to skip lunch to get an ornate gilt frame. A set from IKEA is enough to do the trick. Opt for single to keep it simple, or a collage to exhibit your beautiful photographs. On top of their functionality, they can save up a lot of space for small apartments or narrow hallways. I’ve actually seen quite a few top interior design firms showcase their excellent works with a photo frame wall or walkway. I have also overheard two designers who just came back from IKEA holding two white picture frames grousing they wanted to get more but the item is out of stock. No doubt picture frames are interior designers' top pick!

Color Fabrics

How to bring a room back to life? Add cheery accent colors! Complement your bedroom with a statement bedding, living room with colored or patterned pillow cases and throws, and dining room with a striking table cloth or place mats. Be bold and playful with the colors. You'll be surprised how unexpected color pairs will marry and accentuate your room.


Last but not least, carpet. You can never go wrong with a carpet. It is always your best mate when it comes to decorating. From adding a focal point to making your home feels welcome, carpet has all the magic! More importantly, it is the only one thing you need to spice up a room when you want to skip all the hard work in designing. In stores or online, we are pretty sure that you can find one that you like with a pocket-friendly price. If you're unsure of how to position a rug or pick a color that matches your room, read an easy guide- How To: Properly Place A Rug by Apartment Theory to learn how.

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