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7 Offices/Houses with a Slide

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

"I wish I have a slide now."

Be it lazy or in a rush, we all probably have this crazy thought of having a slide at work or at home flashed across our minds some point in our lives. Want to turn your thoughts into reality? Look at these 7 corporate offices and residences that include a slide to give you some inspirations!


Slide is no stranger to Google’s staffs. From San Francisco to Zurich, Google has installed slides in their corporate offices. Why? Because it’s a slide in a workplace!

Photo: Itrockstars and Office Snapshots


Now let’s look at Google’s US$1.65 billion acquisition in 2006 - Youtube. The slide in their San Bruno headquarters is red, the symbolic color of YouTube that brings out its bold personality.

Youtube's headquarters in San Bruno, California

Photo: The Spokesman-review


CO3, dubbed the best social workplace in Malaysia, includes a slide that brings workers directly to the best-loved room in an office - pantry. This kill two birds with one stone solution is perfect for the foodies who are looking to throw in some fun at work.

CO3, Kuala Lumpur

Photo: CO3


How to escalate the fun of sliding? Adding a ballpit at the exit! Not only is this able to flush down your stress at work, it also serves as a safety purpose.

iSelect office in Adelaide

Photo: Office Snapshots


If you are in a dilemma of installing a slide or saving up the indoor space for something else, this design by Aboday is your way out! This slide was built outside of the house connecting top and ground floor.

Playhouse, Tangerang

Photo: Aboday


Reading till this point, you probably think a renowned architect is inevitable in order to design a house with a slide. However, it is not necessary. Injecting some amusement to your lovely house can be as easy as what this house has done.

Oxford Garden, London

Photo: Michaelis Boyd


Here's another inspiration. If you wish to prolong the excitement of sliding down but do not want the slide to take up too much space, opt for a spiral one!

Rollingwood Slide House, Texas

Photo: Oliver Custom Homes

While you’re unleashing your inner child, remember safety comes first. Lay a carpet or a padding to soften the landing and do not slide down pantless to prevent friction burn!

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