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Easy Halloween DIY Decorating Ideas For You And Your Kids

Fall is definitely one of the most anticipated seasons for kids as well as our inner child because of Halloween. Not only are candy cones started selling everywhere but also we can decorate the house! There is always more to pumpkin besides Jack-O-Lantern. Here are 5 fun, creative, and easy DIY decorating ideas to do exactly that.


Tired of carving creepy faces out of pumpkins? Try carving your house number! A quicker fix would be gluing or screwing your house number onto the pumpkins! Help your friends to find your house with these cute ones this Halloween!


Pumpkin wreath is a classic and will always be. Make your guests feel welcome before they even enter the house with this simple DIY pumpkin wreath from The Proper Hunt! You can always spice it up by adding maple leaves, acorns, or anything you wish!

Pumpkin wreath
The Proper Hunt


Besides candles, have you ever thought of packing some flowers in it? Us this elegant pumpkin flower arrangement to decorate your dining table, serve as a gift to your grandma, or adorn your window edge.


What’s your favorite about halloween? Pumpkin? Candy cone? Can’t pick between the two? Why not combine both? A candy cone pumpkin! All you need to do is to spray it!

candy cone pumpkin


Now, are you ready for the game changer? \\ drum roll please // Pumpkin serving as a beer/soda cooler! Yes, you heard it right. Is there a better way to impress your friends at a fall party?

pumpkin beer cooler
Sherri Foxman

Don’t let this fall slip away in vain. It is a great bonding time for you and your family. Be creative and don’t forget to show off your lovely creations!

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween 👻

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