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Meeting Top Interior Design Firms in Shanghai, China

In March 2018, we visited 12 award-winning interior design firms and met over 40 interior designers and material coordinators in just 4 ½ days. Although it was a good deal of walking around the city, it was all worth it. We got to meet talented people, eat authentic local food, take stunning pictures around the city, and last but not least, we got to burn some fats!

We were extremely grateful that we were able to give a brief yet comprehensive presentation on Sumatra Weave and Handwoven Abaca Fiber Carpet to the friendly people. By interacting with the designers, we have understood more about their design core values and the interior design industry in China. Do you know that some contractors are very strict on fire protection law especially on tall buildings? Even bedsheets have to be at least grade B1 fire resistant!

Frankly, none of the designers we met was aware of abaca fiber before we introduced the material. That means we have to put in more effort in getting the word out! Nonetheless, they were delighted to have one more alternative in their natural plant fiber carpet collection. Please allow me to brag a little bit. According to the Associate Director of an international interior design firm, our carpet was affordable as it was difficult to get a handwoven carpet in China with that price.

Abaca fiber carpet is an apt choice if you want a natural, organic, and elegant feeling to your design. For an additional authentic feeling, there is no better choice than choosing a handwoven abaca carpet provided by Sumatra Weave. Each and every one of our abaca carpets is handmade with sincerity and humbleness from the artisan weavers.

Here, we would like to thank the interior designers and material coordinators for scheduling a meeting and having us at their office. We sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to work together in the near future.

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at



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