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Ramadan and Lebaran in Indonesia


The holy month of Ramadan begins on May 15th and ends on June 15th in Indonesia. During this period, Muslims from around the world will fast from sunrise (imsak time) till sunset (Maghrib) everyday. During fasting, Muslims will refrain themselves from eating food, drinking liquids including water, smoking cigarettes, engaging in any sexual activity and even getting angry as it is believed that this can heighten spirituality and develop self-control and compassion.


The end of Ramadan comes the celebration of Idul Fitri, as known as the Eid holiday or Lebaran in Indonesia. It is a day of thanksgiving, of remembrance, of peace, of charity and of forgiveness. In Indonesia, Muslims will visit their friends and family to exchange greetings and ask for forgiveness. In Indonesia, “Minal Aidin Was Fa Idzin” is a traditional Arabic(Muslims) greeting used upon meeting friends and family, whereas “Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin” means “forgive me from the bottom of my heart/soul for my wrongdoings in the past year”. While visiting, cookies, cakes, and drinks are served in every house and money is given to children by adults in the family.

May the holy month of Ramadan bring peace, health, and prosperity to you and your family.

Yours sincerely,

Sumatra Weave


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