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Runner Rugs ? 🤔

Runner rugs are long and rectangular rugs that are usually placed in narrow spaces. They are much longer and less wider than regular rugs. These slender rugs can be used to provide soft landing for your feet, protect the flooring, add a focal point to the room, define areas, and separate spaces. Here are 6 areas in your home where you can fully utilize their unique design.

1. Entryways

A carpet upon the feet when entering a home is always warm and inviting. Make your guests feeling welcoming with a runner rug at the entryway especially if it is narrow.

Image: Flor

2. Hallways

If you have a long hallway, there is nothing more suitable to decorate it by placing a runner rug. Most runner rugs are designed to match the size of a hallway.

Image: Style Blue Print

3. Bedrooms

Waking up standing on stone cold floor during winter sucks? Place a runner rug next to your bed to make your morning warm and cozy.

Image: Hotels Rate

4. Dressing areas and walk-in closets

Dressing areas and walk-in closets are ideal places to place runner rugs. Not only will it spruce up the space but also draw attention away from its not-so-generous size.

Image: Sumatra Weave

5. Open floor plan

Carpet is always your best bet to define areas and separate spaces when you have an open floor plan design. Be creative and play around with different kind of rugs!

Image: NW Rugs & Furniture

Looking for a runner rug that could benefit your home? Browse our patterns here to customize a rug size that will fit perfectly in your lovely home! Contact us now!

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