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What purpose do carpets serve?

Carpet is often not the first thing that comes to mind when furnishing a house. Nonetheless, it is an important element to be included in design plan. They are splendid and serve many purposes. We have listed 6 benefits of carpets below:

benefits of carpets
Image: Emily Henderson

Carpets provide warmth and comfort. Carpets are warm in winter and cool in summer. Needless to say, they are soft on the feet and can always make your home feel extra cozy.

Benefit of carpets
Image: Hearst

Carpets can define space. They serve a purpose of dividing different areas of your house, i.e. dining area, living room, entrance, especially if you an open concept home.

Carpets can also trap dusts and dirts. Door mat is used to trap street dirts from going further into our lovely houses. Likewise, you can utilize carpets to prevent dirts traveling from one room to another.

Carpets can reduce noise. One of the reasons why Singapore Changi Airport is awarded the Skytrax World’s Best Airport for the sixth consecutive year is almost the entire airport is covered with carpet. There will not be a moment of guests wondering why the luggage wheels or footsteps are loud and irritating. In residences, carpets also act as sound barriers between the floor and the room below.

Carpets can add a focal point and set a tone for your house. Simply a carpet is able to add an accent to an ordinary room. Carpet is a wise choice to allow you to convey your design concept better. Besides, if you have a limited budget for a makeover, try changing the carpet instead of the whole flooring!

Carpets can protect your flooring. They prevent scratches to the flooring from your furniture to your terrible two-year-old. Moreover, changing a carpet is undoubtedly way easier than changing the whole flooring. We all do not want to go through all the refurbishing nightmare again, do we?

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